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Lighting Controls

"Smart Home" technology has become a thriving industry and is continuously growing in popularity and affordability. It has transformed from a luxury to a staple of everyday life. In The Lite, LLC offers a variety of whole home lighting and control systems for your home or business.

These systems add convenience, comfort, and peace of mind all while making your home or business more energy efficient. In The Lite, LLC will completely customize each system to meet your individual lighting needs.


Some of the many features of whole home lighting and control systems include:

  • Control your lights, shades and thermostat from anywhere with the touch of a button
  • Save energy by using "Green Mode"
  • Operate your system via a remote, keypad, Amazon Alexa or an app on your smart phone or tablet...just to name a few!
  • Set your lights, shades and thermostat to a timeclock and never worry about them again
  • Create a preset scene. With the touch of a button, your lights will turn on or off and your shades will raise or lower to whatever level you want. Here are just a few examples:
    • Good Morning scene. The shades in your bedroom will raise halfway to let in some natural light while the lights in your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen will turn on to 50%. Ease into your day and grab your cup of coffee without the bright lights.
    • Movie scene. All the shades in your living room will close at once while the lights dim to 20% for a true movie theatre experience.
    • Night Light scene. The lights will turn on to 15% in all rooms leading to the bathroom and kitchen. This allows you to grab your midnight snack without tripping or waking the rest of the family.


The possibilities are truly endless! For more information or to request your free estimate, please call 715-432-1227.